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  • ICO: How to raise Millions in seconds with the Blockchain ??

        As an initial public offering or the company sells its equity securities on a financial market, an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) allows a company to raise capital from multiple sources. But instead of issuing shares or financial securities, the company sells tokens (cryptographic tokens) created using Blockchain technology to raise funds for a […]

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      ADMPAwards: hello! Can you introduce yourself? My name is okey Ogbonin Attivi, I’m from Togo and I’m CEO and Co-founder of Micah Media Group Sarl. ADMPAwards: What motivated you to create the Pan-African Magazine AGRI-CULTURE? In 2017, agriculture and agro-business will no longer be seen as the continent’s levers for development, but they will […]

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      ADMPAwards: Hello Michel! Can you introduce yourself? Je m’appelle NEKAM Louis Michel élève interprète en langue italienne, promoteur de la plateforme de mise en relations d’affaires entre le Cameroun et l’Italie, AEDIC et également,’en tant que business consultant.   My name is NEKAM Louis Michel, an Italian interpreter, promoter of the platform for business […]

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