Shoutout StartUps


WHAT is a Digital Inception?

A set of agile digital processes enabling the fast-spread of a message or concept, in order to transform reality and measure its impact with analytics. And remember: ‘At the BeGinning was the BloGG!’

Thus, Our team and our way of work, are ‘Social media-centric’! Which is why we are able to reach out, to all four corners of the African Continent, via Twitter, FaceBook (Multiple Groups and Pages), Reddit, MediuM, WhatsApp, Linkedin and GooGle+…

Which made us in 2017, the Prime StartUp news-Feed in AfriCA, available in English, French, Arabic. 

Nevertheless, we decided to look at the glass ‘half-full’, remain positive and to get on with helping you, to Get YOUR Message or your CONCEPT in front of 20 000 startUpers, Venture Capitalists, Coders, at a CLICK!

And we called it, the Me+Me SHOUTOUT! Read more about our experience with some startUps HERE too!!



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