Satoshi centre HUB in Botswana, Miss Bitcoin, Alakanani Etireleng told us more about.

ADMPawards : Hello Madam/ Miss: Can you introduce yourself, who are you? Where are you from ? What is your academic and professional background?

My name is Alakanani Itireleng CEO and founder of Satoshicentre a blockchain fintech hub and co-working space in Gaborone,Botswana and we will be launching our office space on the 15th of January 2017.

I was bor i a village called Ramokgwebana but grew up and raised in Botswana’s second capital city a town called Francistown.I hold a bachelor of Arts Degree in Humanities,a post graduate Diploma in Education and semester 1 Master of Business Admnistration-international business. I spent 12 years of my life teaching religious education in both junior and secondary schools in Bottswana.

ADMPAwards :Can you tell us about your startUp / your business. What were your motives?

Satoshicentre is a registered organization,the brainchild of Alakanani Itireleng also known as the Bitcoinlady of Africa was created to empower young entrepreneurs, who are the intellectual, social, and cultural lifeblood to create awareness of Bitcoin and the blockchain technology and work with developers and programmers to bring about solutions to Africa’s problems using the blockchain technology.

I  named as one of the 31 top women in fintech around the world(

and i was a global blockchain speaker,having been invited as in speaker in places like Amsterdam,Cote d’voire,South Africa,Kenya


           satoshicentre Fintech Hub

Satoshicentre seeks to provide a home to help Blockchain technology and other technology startup companies develop, execute and make sustainable strategies for their business in a suitable or conducive environment for such. Our aim is to be a solution based technology centre with the aim of empowering young people in the world of technology. We intend to collaborate with other technology based hubs and labs to help us in our mission as we also consider ourselves a startup empowering startups. Satoshi has a great international relationship and partners round the world and we are looking forward to these tech companies to give mentorship and help find sponsorship to Satoshicentre Clients.


Financial payments  platform: Satoshi will work to revolutionaries the mobile payments technology in Botswana by way of bringing and development the best  fintech in Botswana(we have partnership with a Spanish Fintech company as their distributor of their technologies)

Develop blockchain solutions: We have project on the pipeline for land registration,students card,livestock system all based on the blockchain technology

Offer a Place: Satoshi will help provide inexpensive office space for upcoming new blockchain and internet of things(IOT)technology businesses

         Mentorship:. With the Bitcoin world full of tech guys Satoshi intends to find expertise, make networks that will this lead to the ventures success. These mentors are very resourceful as they will also help the candidates in refining their business ideas and help them build a very resourceful team.

Network Connections: The centre hopes to serve as a center for networking and making collaborations and our hope is that as these upcoming entrepreneurs network and socialize.

Some of the projects we working on.


 Blockchain and Bitcoin training

 Land registration and title deeds(bitland project)

 Blockchain secured identity card(pilot project for partners)


ADMPAwards : How do you promote your project around you? On the internet and in real life?

Mostly through social networks like facebook and twitter.I do also have few videos on youtube promoting bitcoins.I do also hold meetups and office consultation and the various blockchain summits i attend also help i taking satoshicenter to the people.

ADMPAwards: How do you work with ADMP? How can ADMP help you?

last year we had the opportunity to work with ADMP as hey were promoting our first ever bitcoin summit in Botswana. i am sttill towork with ADMP,As I have not yet released our project that we are working on which will be given o ADMP to market and promotoe,for ow we are just waiting for that project


ADMPAwards : How do you make money through this project?

For the past few years we have not made ay money as we were focusing o building awareness,it is only this year that we are workig on projects that will be making money for the business.


ADMPAwards :Did you receive any awards or distinctions from this project?

I have not received any awards except for mentions on the mission i have been doing

ADMPAwards : What message (s) would you give to entrepreneurs and women who have project ideas and are afraid to express themselves?

I would love to say believe in your idea and no matter how long it may take for it to be established as a business,believe in it first.It takes determination,dedication,commitment and focus to build and establish an idea into a business.

Many Thanks Miss Bitcoin!!


Follow Satoshi centre : SATOSHI CENTRE

Botswana Blockchain Summit: There

The Blockchain & Bitcoin Africa Conference 3rd & 4th March 2016 – Alakanani Itireleng

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