#TEAM237: Sit Down and Be Humble SOFTBAY??



ADMPAwards: hello! Can you introduce yourself?

Hello ! I’m christian Kamdem 24 years old ,a cameroonian, autodidact programmer and CEO of SOFTBAY. Whilst being involved as an entrepreneur, i’m also in my third year of computer science at university of Yaoundé I.  I used to spend at least 10 hours per days in front of my computer not playing videos games or any other things made for mass-distraction but …really and truly ….

….to turn ideas into useful Apps.  By the same occasion, I wanted to learn by myself and improve my programming skills.

For my mates, let’s just say that they look at me, as a kind of a …Computer addict/Nerd/Geek!


ADMPAwards: What motivated you to create softbay in Cameroon?

The fact is that, most of generic software used in cameroon were bought without including our social and cultural context; They felt alien to us. Most of the time, it was always about video games related to events that happened in other part of the world, abroad and far, far away…

…Or it could just be a software  using foreign languages and colloquial that we cannot translate into our day-to-day life. 

…Our government for example, used to spend millions to buy software packages from Chinese companies and hire expensive talents to look after its maintenance. As soon as the contract ran out, softwares and talents would vanish and leave us with  useless tools to deal with. As a matter of fact, contextualisation was a must. It was time to bring about our culture and knowledge to these software’s.

Furthermore, we launched our own apps to enlighten the youth of Cameroon and later, Africa.

Low and behold In May 2016, Softbay was born with a clear aim towards developing web and mobile apps for the masses.



ADMPAwards: What methodology do you follow at SOFTBAY?

At SOFTBAY we create customised Web and Mobile Apps  but most of the time, we are working on our owns projects which are 90 % on a freemium basis. Driving high quality outcomes to our products is an obsession at Softbay.

We are perfectionists: To improve the quality of our production output, we have adopted a new concept @ work called «Peer production», which is slightly different from the classic model:

The classic or ‘old school’ model is not really optimised for our type of businesses, which want to be able to monitor its production output, in real time and in line with the money we are spending per month and per staff.

So, when it comes to delivering a project, we do work to a sprint with experts pulled from different sectors until the deadline.  This particular method makes our work and its outcomes, much more efficient and agile. 



ADMPAwards: How did you get to know Afrik Digital Marketplace?

I am a member of many entrepreneur’s groups where my facebook friend Mireille Kooh use to share posts from ADMP web sites  about young cameroonians startupers  that i actually know in real life! ADMP was so trendy, panafrican and relevant that i decided one day, to join the ADMP facebook group in order to get to know more about it.

Fast forward a few weeks, and we are now working together! ADMP is fast, quick and 21st century-orientated!


ADMPAwards: How do you collaborate with #ADMP?

   Actually, we are working together on a JavaScript training designed by SOFTBAY, where ADMP manages the communication and the Digital Inception of our training program, on social media. It is true that the collaboration between SOFTBAY and ADMP is still in its infancy, however, I have the feeling, that it is the beginning of a great collaboration.


 ADMPAwards: You prepare Javascript training for developers in Cameroon. What is it? Where will this training take place? How many students are you targeting? What is the duration of the training? What is the access price?

Broadly speaking, developers used to learn code, depending on the platform on which the App they are building, should be run, in the future.  

By and large, the JavaScript training is a training that we organize to teach developers how to create Web and Mobile applications using only JavaScript as programming language. – DURATION: The training will take 2 months – KICK-OFF: 10th of July – VENUE: Immeuble CSP Education, Yaoundé, our partner’s site – SUPERVISOR: A TOP Web expert developer;

To insure the delivery of good ACADEMIC AND UPSKILLING results, we expect a maximum of 20 participants.

Each learner should pay 50 000 FCFA per month (or 100 000 FCFA for the whole training program).



ADMPAwards: Excellent! Is your program TRANSFERABLE TO a university or an incubator?

Yes of course! Universities should apply for this program, because JavaScript language is used in almost every kind of software products we run into : Artificial intelligence, Web programming, Data Analysis, Embedded system… and we are the first in Cameroon to start this training with an expert in JavaScript!



ADMPAwards: Mr Kamdem, what word do you have to say to entrepreneurs and young people who have never experienced the Javascript training?

JavaScript is not the easiest of languages, but most definitely, one which can make you develop amazing and robust Apps. Do not miss this unique opportunity: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazone, youtube, Gootube, as they say now….Instagram, Pinterest …and even Microsoft are using JavaScript, why wouldn’t you ?!


Many thanks, you are far too kind.



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Website: www.softbay.biz

Send mail to: teamadmp@gmail.com


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  1. Le WEB 3.0 est lancé, et avec lui s’ajoute une panoplie d’applications et widgets tous fait avec le langage #JavaScript!!! Ce programme de formation est une occasion inouïe de découvrir les nouvelles avancées et tendances du web et mobile tout ça à travers la technologie #JavaScript devenue l’outils incontournable pour tout développeur web.

    1. #Interessant! Nous soutiendrons toutes vos formations au Cameroun pour éduquer davantage les jeunes aux nouvelles technologies. Le code a de plus en plus une place importante dans les solutions dont ne sauraient se passer les jeunes de nos jours.

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