The hype on the internet grapevine is all about BIG DATA this and BIG DATA that…and Digital Transition this… whilst no-one ever talks about ‘SMART DATA’ and by default, ‘SMALL DATA’. Please find below, 4 REASONS why you should reconsider your BIG DATA collection POLICY:


The MAIN RULE of BIG DATA, we’ve all learnt from this year’s ‘Fake news and Fake Ads Great digital pandemic, #GDP17’ is that IF you feed the BEST ALGORITHM in the Globe, here Google… you get this formula:

JUNK IN      Résultat de recherche d'images pour "elecahrger des felches bleues"                GOO      Résultat de recherche d'images pour "elecahrger des felches bleues"      JUNK OUT !

Let me re-phrase it: If you feed the most tested Digital Mainstream Algorithm, here, Google, with ‘JUNK Data’, in the end, with time, it will Google-out, ‘JUNK Data’ too!

JUNK IN       Résultat de recherche d'images pour "elecahrger des felches bleues"           GOO        Résultat de recherche d'images pour "elecahrger des felches bleues"          JUNK OUT !



The JunkIn/JunkOut correlation, may exist, but definitely not in equal proportion, however it might just create enough deception, reddit and errors to confuse your staff, in the end.  

It is therefore paramount that any Artificial Intelligence-based system, will require the BEST INFORMATION or set of DATA to perform at its best. We therefore talk about SMART DATA à Data that can really lead to positive or ‘pro active’ metrics, leading themselves to action and impact in real life.  



In order to achieve ‘Smart Data’, you will need to decide on a ‘Big Data Manifesto’, which is a set of value and principles that will guide your Data collection effort and further, ‘DATA DOMESTICATION’ policy (which follows your algorithm’s set of rules).


Once the Manifesto agreed, rely on highly qualified staff to create and collect ‘smart data filters’ based on the Manifesto. Think milestones, comparison, relative values, …Once those Data collected, eliminate the junks, the broken links, incomplete, truncated, repeated Data set … optimize it…and reduce it to ‘Small Data’.

The whole point of this, is to avoid Big Data saturation, to avoid being overwhelmed by a ‘Wall of Data’, and suppress the phenomenon of ‘Info-besity’ which cripples Data management systems.

You then only FEED the BIG DATA unit, the Artificial Intelligence system of your company/Organisation, with the small Data extracted; In return, you will get out of your A.I. system, the BEST set of DATA or SMART DATA, you could possibly achieve. It’s called DATA OP-TI-MI-SA-TION!! 

BIG DATA    Résultat de recherche d'images pour "elecahrger des felches bleues"              SMALL DATA       Résultat de recherche d'images pour "elecahrger des felches bleues"            A.I.                Résultat de recherche d'images pour "elecahrger des felches bleues"  SMART DATA




Smart Data, you will be able to ‘Pro-actively’ use for your Business or organization, thanks to your Data optimization effort.

It’s simple, isn’t it? As simple as ADMP’s Smart Data’s Manifesto! Do not hesitate to hit us with your comments if you want to get more information on your Data Optimisation policy and manifesto. Same if you want to simply chat about ‘Big Data Manifesto’, Smart Data Vs Big Data, etc…


Content related management software are numerous and often beg to disappoint users. CRM are key tools in your Data collection architecture or matrix. ‘Yet another CRM’, could have been the title of this article posted from Benin; It needed a real impetus provided by Queezly’s dynamic and motivated management and coding team; A team, ready to correct the ills of the past and to BOOST ‘Small Data’ and Social Media Management-made-in-Africa, into the XXIst century! Now…we begged to… Listen!  

                                                     By Hermann Djoumessi, MA Senior Crypto-Analyst


ADMPAwards: hello Basile! Can you introduce yourself?

Hi! I’m Basile Barrincio, Web and mobile developer for 8 years. I have an interest in art, cinema, photography and technology. I’m also passionate about digital marketing. And combining this passion with my experience as developer, I created Queezly. I’m also co-founder of two other startup: Pikiz (a web application allowing anyone to quickly create and share high-quality images: getpikiz.com) and Iwaria (a 100% free photo stock that provides beautiful and high quality photos to anyone who needs it for personal or commercial projects: www. iwaria.com).



ADMPAwards: Can you tell us more about Queezly?

First Queezly is an online tool that allow people to easily create interactive content such as quizzes, polls, personality tests, interactive lists… that are contents people naturally love and don’t hesitate to share. And through these content my team and I offer businesses, an original and interactive way to attract people really interested by their services, and help them sell more.



ADMPAwards: How does Queezly work, when it comes to social media?

The content offered by Queezly have a fun aspect and offer a certain challenge.

Let’s take for example quizzes. The challenge side, the instant results and their flattering aspect make them perfect for social networks especially Facebook. Depending on the type of quiz you can:

– Give your audience a way to have fun whilst testing their knowledge

– Make them discover more about themselves, by providing information they are looking for

– Organize a contest to challenge your audience but also retain your customers

Because of this amusing nature many people don’t hesitate to jump into a quiz, and then share it. On social media, even without advertising, you can get a lot of people to interact with a quiz. According to Buzzsumo, 82% of people who see a quiz in their social feed, will try it!



ADMPAwards: What type of users is Queezly, targeting?

We are targeting small and medium businesses that use social media to communicate about their products and services. Our tests since our launch last January enabled us to realize that:

– People most interested in our services are men and women between 23 and 55

– They are community managers, brand managers, business owners and bloggers.

– They want to promote the products and services that they sell.

– They are located in big cities like Abidjan, Lagos, Douala, Cotonou, Dakar, New York, Paris, Montreal…

– They are in these business areas: Cosmetic and Skin care, Healthcare, Coaching and Personal training, Sport and Fitness, Writing and Book selling, Catering and Interior design.


ADMPawards: How will social media managers in Africa, use Queezly?

Social media managers use Queezly to:

– Create and manage communication campaigns on social networks to attract qualified leads

– Collect and analyse data to know the real needs of these leads

– Keep in touch with them to inform them about news concerning the business

In Africa, many of our customers use Queezly to animate their social accounts, get more engaged people to « Like » their Facebook page or increase their connections on Facebook Messenger.


ADMPawards: Do you have a price plan or a price structure, for your solution?

Our content creator is free, and people can create as many content as they want. But starting from $15 (about 10,000 FCFA) you can benefit from our advanced features like:

– The Call-To-Action that allows you to prompt people to do actions such as like your Facebook page, buy one of your products, read one of your articles…

– Leads generation ($0.05 per lead)

– Segmentation of leads based on their result after an interaction

– Content creation and promotion by a team of experts from Queezly

– Broadcasting of customized messages and content to different customers segments via email, SMS or Messenger.



ADMPAwards: Pray tell us about your achievements with the Queezly solution?

We have more than 60 individuals, businesses and NGO who use Queezly to create content that really engage their community. In Africa we are currently working with 7 companies and using content marketing and social networks, we help them boost their business returns.

With the content we propose and the strategy we use, we truly help them increase the effectiveness of their content up to 45%, and drain up to 68% of their social traffic on their business.


ADMPAwards: One last word from the Queezly team?

At Queezly, we strongly believe that by putting rivalries and conflicts aside, and by joining hands, we can bring to Africa everything it needs to develop. And that’s what each of us has to work for.

And we thank ADMPAwards for this opportunity that you give us to share our thoughts. Do not hesitate to comment below and let us know what you think of Queezly!



Many Thanks, you are far too kind.












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