#MADIBA: How to raise $220K with #KirooRebuntu??


When Team #ADMP met with Madiba Olivier, the Uber-developer from the now legendary #KiroO’ Game saga, digital flares happened and we took fire: We are both trying to achieve the same aim Promote AfrO’ startups and make a dent on the universe, if possible. Do not hesitate to leave comments below, to tell us what you think of this post, by the way.

So, once you’ve developed let say, the first prototype of your project, the hardest task for a startuper, is to go around town, cap in hand to beg, scheme, borrow to fund your dream project. How do you do when all the doors close? Where do you go? How can you still raise these funds quick enough?

1-ADMPAwards: Hello Madiba Olivier! Can you introduce yourself to ADMPers, please?  You could maybe, remind us of your achievement as an uber-Game-developer and the ‘Hollywood-style’ storyline, that did follow?  Maybe there is even a movie in the making? (#Lol)What do you think of GTA (The ‘Legendary’ Grand Theft Auto) design studio, like ‘Rockstar’? Any new releases we might be waiting for, anytime soon?  


You will read our 13 years story on how we broke so many walls to get where we were supposed to be, on our website. I trust your readers to carry on reading below to get all the right links.

I am a great fan of the amazing work by Rockstar with GTA. But my favourites games are Metal Gear Saga and the Final Fantasy Saga. We are working on the smartphones version of our game, the awesome Aurion. You can check the game, on our gaming platform : http://aurionthega



Hello I am MADIBA Olivier me and my team founded Kiro’o Games, the 1st video games studio in Cameroon. We wrote an online funny post-mortem about our epic story, that you can read on this link; CHECK also this linkme.com/


2-ADMPawards: What is KIROO’s REBUNTU Concept Then ? And how did it come about?

REBUNTU Comes from REBOOT + UBUNTU and it is our mentoring program: We are proud to share all our experience, with all the african startups. We started from the bottom and now … We are sharing with others, how we managed to raise funds ourselves, while being rejected by banks. We will also upskill people with our experience in leadership, based on African realities.

You can watch the video of the project here and get a quick feel of what we are doing:  https://youtu.be/GAYxd0PDuFY



3-ADMPawards: How does REBUNTU Programm work on line?

People can click on our website : https://kiroorebuntu.com/ and they can register by paying fees on Mobile Money or Using World remit, if they are outside the country list for Mobile Money.

They will get access to online documents with all our branded content: With white papers, tutorials, tips…’They will also gain access to a Group/Forum, where they will be able to exchange with us and our online community. But this is just the beginning, of course.

The assets and documents, are still in French language, for the moment, but bear with us and watch this space for more languages.



4-ADMPawards: In your opinion, what are the steps a startup must take to gain funding through the REBUNTU methodology?

That’s exactly the point of the program. But the main secret is to ask yourself: « If someone gave me all the money I wanted today:  Am I truly Ready? »


5-ADMPawards: What sort of benefits will entrepreneurs gain from the Rebuntu program? Is this a FIRST in Africa?

We are the only tech startup I know, which raised 220K U$D alone starting from scratch, in a very risky sector and with a complete local or Cameroonian-based team. We are not rich heirs and we had to build our networks and trust. This is what we are sharing: A unique access to our experience!



6-ADMPawards: How do you work with Diaspora entrepreneurs? And continental ones? Does REBUNTU method helps them in their context?

Rebuntu will get them market-ready and their projects will hopefully come to fruition. We also plan to provide key mentoring advices that we believe, are priceless!


7-ADMPawards: What is the duration of the REBUNTU program?

The actual mentoring length is flexible, it depends on your own determination and focus. How fast can you read and do you really want to make your project happen? This is not a training program, it’s about mentoring.


8-ADMPawards: Which partners do you work with, to develop REBUNTU in the long term?

There is a network we have been building for 2 years, and you can access it in our partners section on the website. However, we are mostly partners with #WECASHUP, (An ADMper!) for our MObile Payment solutions, on the African continent.


9-ADMPawards : What do you think about #ADMP Vision ?  How could we work together, to help our readers benefit from your program?

I luv the idea I read in the #ADMP program. I also luv the spirit of the founders and team member I already met. We can cross-promote ourselves and connect our database when the #Rebuntu platform will be more advanced.


10-ADMPawards: Final words to Businesses and Start-Ups communities in Africa and elsewhere?

“Being Realistic is to find a rational way to your utopia.” I will ask them to meditate on that and to watch the Kiro’o Rebuntu video to highlight a common goal, for our new African start-ups wave. Don’t forget to Leave comments below, too!

Many thanks, you are far too kind!

#ADMP – 06/2017 –

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