The title might be a bit misleading. However, everything is possible within the Crypto-Ecosystem. Fast learners and smart people can get easily RICH, whilst trading and pretty QUICK Too!

This guide is also for the Crypto community throughout Africa, who’s been scammed again, and again with what i call, the ‘MLM Bullshit’!. I will use this article, to offer the ultimate guide to:  

Invest & trade in Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies and get rich in the process. So..Follow the links, and ‘Hang in there, Old Sport’! :

I will assume that most of you, already know about BITCOIN and other digital assets, like Ethereum, too! You can equally check this Blog for more details.

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You may want to #GoogleThis : What’s bitcoin ? – What’s a bitcoin wallet ?

What’s and how to use #MyEtherWallet ? – What’s Ethereum and Altcoins ?

What’s a crypto Exchanges – How to trade crypto ?

How to invest in altcoins ?

Then learn, and come to follow this guide : How to buy Bitcoin and other assets ?

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Bitcoin is the easiest crypto-currency to buy and sell. It is now, expensive to collect and exchanges based in northern america and Europe are not up-to-date with most of the  KYC/AML procedures.

KYC? : Know Your customer, it is an identification process, to shape and identify your key customers. It is a legal and regulatory requirement, especially against fraud, money laundering, etc..




– Good Exchanges to follow : Coinbase, Poloniex,…  – Decent Independant traders:  Localbitcoins.com

When it comes to places like Nigeria, South-Africa or Kenya, you can find many Bitcoin sellers and resellers already trading above the counter, with local mobile money systems like MPESA,  etc…


The best option, is always to find a local reseller, who’s ‘half-decent’ and not too ‘Scam-centric’, if you follow my drift? :))

The second option, will be to use  www.localbitcoins.com  you should pay using Western Union or Paypal.




After buying your bitcoins, joined Poloniex or bittrex exchanges, you can also buy other digital assets using your bitcoins, by the way!

Beware though! The market is volatile! You can buy and sell, or ‘Buy and Hold’, however there’s no point telling you, to buy this asset rather than an other, without consulting knowledgeable sources, like #ADMP, for sure.  

This guide is just to give you an idea of how to quickly trade and invest, Old Sport’!

Trade : Day-trading means that you buy in or exchange Asset and wait for it to go… UP! The old school’ advice here, is « buy when asset is low, sell when it’s high” – Basic, but still a classic in any Trading room! The best advices are the simplest! That’s the real secret to become rich!

Follow this link www.coinmarketcap.com  for charts, real-time capitalization and all needed informations about crypto-assets, value & volume.




Investing means buying assets & holding them for short-middle or long-term

Here’s a solid tip, from the front-line, as I know you all want to know:

– Who could be the Best Crypto-value to trade? : ‘IOTA, PAY, NEO’

– … And who are the Best to invest in?: PAY, NEO, ETH, BTC’

The market changes everyday! Therefore, there’s no rules to the game, it’s a full time job to follow charts read the trade Blogs, like this one, check and bookmark news, whilst waiting for favorable dips in the market, to get involved!



Automate! You need to be able to reproduce the same operations and this, several times, and at the same moment! Crypto-currencies allows you that! However, you need to start trading on a regular basis, to work out multi-trading strategies!

This guide is quick and maybe hard for newbies, but that’s-about-it-really-Old Sport’!: The rest will happen in the trading room! → There are millions of tutorials and guide with a better depiction of #Bitcoin and its intricate digital patterns. Dips, volatility,…all these terms will come ‘handy’, to the user as you trade along! Educate yourself, 3 months, 6 months then dip in, slowly and trade fully after a year! → Do not waste too much of your time watching videos! Action will always be louder than words!


Good luck !

Nassym Louradi

Manager of KickEdge Capital which is Crypto hedge fund.

Founder of coming Exchange : KashX.io

CEO of KodePay Payment start-up based in Kenya.

Website : www.kashboi.com where i list my start-ups, crypto analysis and so on !

Trader & Entrepreneur, as far as i can remember!


Many Thanks, you’re far too kind!


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