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 ADMP Awards is the first website to promote the top African startups and entrepreneur!

Context: Ecosystems, startups, incubators and super-incubators in Africa.

Purpose: Celebrate and promote the best of African start-ups. – Objective: To offer maximum visibility to start-ups and entrepreneurs in Africa – All of Africa (East-West-North-South-White-Black, Diaspora, ..)


ADMP: Afrik Digital Marketplace is Africa’s Prime Fintech News FeeD on Facebook. #ADMP is dedicated to the promotion of Fintech and the development of startups in Africa. It also works as a Pan-african virtual incubator, or ‘Super-Incubator’.

ADMP represents more than 3,000 entrepreneurs busy speaking about technology in all languages (French, English, Arabic) and all fields: e-commerce, M+Commerce, business & marketing, fund raising (To finance projects) and finance (Fintech ), or Blogging (blog creation), crypto currencies, and social media.

Created in 2015, by FINTECH & SOCIAL MEDIA Consultant, Hermann Djoumessi, MA, in January 2015; We decided to motivate entrepreneurs to create fintech start-ups, develop their idea, concepts and projects in Africa and internationally. His idea was a set of digital processes enabling the fast spread of a message or concept, resulting in actions in real life.


#ADMP is a digital Inception. (‘Inceptio Digitalis’) –> a set of digital processes enabling the fast spread of a message or concept, resulting in actions in real life. (#TransformingRreality). A Social Media concept, born out of a Facebook mother-page, ADMP « . Created by H. Djoumessi and his teams at Borderline Creatives (Paris- London). ADMP’s method is analytical and based on the collection, and rapid analysis of data from all over the African continent. More over, it values impact, action and results in the real life. #GrowthHacking


We cover Tunisia, Algeria, South Africa, Nigeria, Togo, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon, France, the United Kingdom and the United States… Ethiopia, Botswana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, the Diaspora. A community, a network of people spread all over the continent, that believe strongly in their mission to create and accelerate start-ups! And this, every week, every day, every minute, every second. Our victories are yours! ADMPers work from home via the Internet, curate content, and post quality information, through our knowledge feed. This allows entrepreneurs to make themselves and their product known, resulting in collaborations that are born almost every day. Check our pages to read our success stories !!

However, in this flurry of connections, we found that more than 95 percent of entrepreneurs involved in the startup field, are male. Nothing wrong with that! We simply decided to act:


 We decided to give the floor to women on a pan-African scale. Not that there is no such offer in Africa, as we welcomed Google’s initiative to support women entrepreneurs in 2016. However, ADMP Awards are given by a jury of independent women and girls. They are based all over Africa, active and involved in the Start-up field and Ecosystem. b: We also claim to boost the woman-entrepreneur, the ‘Girl in web’ alike, or the ‘Digital Busy Bee’, in two ways: – ‘Inside-Tech’ viewpoint: Social media advice, start-up kit, contact with incubators, Investors, Business angels, events, Breaking news– ‘Out-of-TecH’ viewpoint: Personal branding, hair, fashion, public relations, Blogging…The aim, is to provide the professional of tomorrow, with all the tools, requested to achieve professional success as a 21st century ‘Cyber-Amazone’.

In summary: ‘A woman entrepreneur that is hyper-connected at the dawn of the Digital Economy and Africa’s Great Leap Forward! You deserve an Award! We’ll give it to you! Forward to all women! Forward Women! #GirlPower!

The ADMP Team:

 Hermann Djoumessi, MA – Social Media Consultant (American Business School – Paris / INSEEC Grande Ecole – Paris * Hootsuite Certified / Bloomberg market-place Certified)-

Mireille KOOH, CEO, Web advisor

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Our Leaders



Social media consultant.

Cyber-Media – Hootsuite certified – Bloomberg Market-Place certified – Microsoft Excel TOSA International Coach
Founder : Borderline Creatives Digital Bureau (Paris/London) – Founder : AfriK Digital Market-Place
Lecture : INSEEC grande Ecole (Paris) – American Business School (ABS, Paris) –



CEO ADMP,Web advisor

Web Consultant (MOOC Solerni) – Nominee #WomenInTech in Cameroon (The Night og the Web) – Laureat  of the « Cameroon Leadership Academy » (Promotion 2017) – Social Media Coach

Conferences & Workshops: Cameroon StartUp Academy (Incubator), ADEPHAN (Association)

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