#YAPILI: Welcome to the internet-Of-Health??




* How do you build the #YAPILI, happy family Part III ?

You can’t always get what you want, said Dinosaur rock band, the Rolling Stone and surely #Yapili will struggle to build that ‘ideal the smart community’, that will help propel their business model towards the internet-Of-Health.


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IOT(1) + IOP(2) = IOE(3)

→ Internet-Of-Things + Internet-Of-People =  Internet-Of-Everything (or Internet-Of-Health)

Which means that as a tech-entrepreneur operating during the current ‘Great Digital Transition’ (2018 -?) we are living through, you will need to add the following items:

(1): The-internet-of-things: The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, work appliances and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity which enables these objects to connect and exchange data in and around your workplace, towards your working artificial intelligence. (A.I.)

(2) To which, you add the ‘internet-of-people’ (IOP), that is the system of sensors, wearables (recording human data) and human conversations also recorded via social media, delivering a flow data to the same working artificial intelligence.

(3):(1)+(2) →  All that Data flow stored in the ‘Cloud’ (Your company servers) should turn as quickly as possible, to the ‘internet-Of-Your-Idea’; The flow of Data should be available in ‘smart data’ easily readable for your customers, employees, market activators, ‘Brand Ambassadors’… trying to optimise their workday.’

You will then correct your model in such way:



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IOE and IOH are often called IOTSP: Internet-Of-Things-Services & Peoples

There is still a long way before we get there, of course! –

But that, is the end game! → If you know the end game of your industry, you can plan your digital transition ahead, without looking over your shoulder every 5 secondes, wondering where the next digital Disruption might come from, to end or ruin your company’s ambition!


  1. WHY?

Because you become the Disruption !

For more details on how to build a disruptive social media strategy, a professional  Digital inception for your App, please contact our offices @ ADMP, here !






Before jumping into the third and last part of the #YAPILI interview, we will reply to Madeline our TOP READER of the week, who sent us a carefully worded E-mail, about a link in this ADMP Blog post about Bitcoin & islamic finance, and she suggested another link to a better Bitcoin converter, in EUROS.

Do not hesitate to write to us, here we will always reply and enjoy reading you and your suggestions! – Many thanks again to Melanie and her kind words of support for the ADMP Team, who wishes you all, a Happy new year 2K18!!



  1. ADMPAwards: Can you tell us more about your goals and targets, please?


#YAPILI : YAPILI enables a peer-to-peer platform (« uber-ization ») for health advice – where patients don’t need to queue at public hospitals to ask medical questions and share their health concerns. Furthermore anonymous access ensures users don’t need to worry about their privacy around stigmatized health issues. We are the first app and online platform that safely stores patient’s data for the digitization of medical records in Africa and empowers users to keep control of their own health data and medical history.


(Courtesy of Fabian grohs)


YAPILI works hand-in-hand towards the 4 following Sustainable Development Goals:


  1. Good Health and Wellbeing
    YAPILI provides Health@Hand! This means that the users of our app can access affordable and confidential health advice from licensed physicians locally or internationally. Users have the possibility for follow-ups and digitalising their medical histories!


  1. Gender Equality

YAPILI supports gender equality by supporting everyone & anyone- regardless of gender or sexual orientation – to get connected to a health professional for reliable advice. We empower our users by delivering confidential Health@Hand.


(Courtesy of William Stitt)


  1. Innovation
    We are using a sustainable and scalable business model to advance the use of existing technologies, in deploying an app as an innovative health solution to fill the gaps of health-access in African countries.


  1. Partnership for the Goals
    We are creating an ecosystem where YAPILI is the underlying infrastructure for collaboration and partnerships with other startups, NGOs and public organisations! We act as catalyst increasing the market reach for other fit-for-purpose solutions and help build inclusive business models to address the underserved market needs.


(Courtesy Of Markus Spiske)



2.ADMP AWARDS : We believe that developing an Ecosystem, and in the long run a ‘deep-tight’ community will decide on your success!  How do you monetize the Yapili App ? Do you know any of your local or global competitors?

#YAPILI : mHealth (telehealth) or #HealTecH, is an emerging market, which means that the global audience is increasing become aware that mobile technologies can truly revolutionize the way we think of “access”: whether it is for healthcare, education or finances (and many other fields). This also means that there are similar companies participating in mHealth:


“ However, YAPILI has been assessed as being unique for Africa. “


Firstly, YAPILI is a peer-to-peer platform, which means that we host live communications between patients and professionals for free. The connection between our doctors and users is international.


(Courtesy Of Mariam Soliman)


Users may choose to get connected to a local doctor but others may choose to connect to a European doctor, which means that we are facilitating health-cases to be shared and solved across borders. Secondly, health information shared in the chat is saved onto the user’s’ profile: contributing to the digitization of medical records in African countries.


(Spindle Awards)


3. ADMP AWARDS : What types of partnership are you looking for ? If indeed you are open to ‘global partnerships’, how could your APP work ‘Globally’?


#YAPILI : YAPILI is interested in partnering with entities that hold “access to healthcare” and/or “digital innovation” for developing countries, at heart. YAPILI is intended for developing countries. So far, we are active in 9 African countries but with the help of partnership we hope to scale-up into remote communities and across Africa… and perhaps even to Asian countries in the future!


4. ADMP AWARDS : #ADMP helps startup achieve their digital Inception, or the entry of your startup on the web and Social Media. What ‘s your digital strategy for acquiring new users around the globe ?


#YAPILI : We promoted YAPILI during our time in Africa, which was very successful. We also promote YAPILI on our social media platforms and in Facebook grounds. Winning Seedstars Gaborone also provided us with lots of exposure from the different media outlets that announced our big win!


(Courtesy Of Scott Webb)


5. ADMP AWARDS : Great! The seedstar could turn into a unicorn? Only time will tell, even if you have to make sure that you do capitalize on that, and get your original hashtag trending on Social Media: #Health@Hand !! → What message would you like to send our loyal readers and especially to young entrepreneurs around the world ?


#YAPILI : If you have an idea, a concept or a strategy: get it out there. There will never be enough innovative solutions for the greater good of mankind, so follow your dream!

→ If you are interested in YAPILI: follow our journey! : #Health@Hand!

Many Thanks,

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If you are interested in helping #YAPILI, scaling-up across Africa:

Let’s get in touch! :))-

Are you interested in ‘internet-Of-Health’, mHealth, telehealth, #Healtech, digital innovation, healthcare, promotion, marketing and/or business development? #YAPILI are looking for “Market Activators” in Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe !!


Thank you, you’re Far Too KinD!




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