Let’s take a drone view from history, as this tale of the new Crypto war starts in Zimbabwe, formerly known as Rhodesia, named after a ‘Dude’ called ‘Rhodes’. His ‘House of cards’ collapsed in the 1980’s, under the ‘ Missile’ Mugabe!


→ Google that fact: Learning that a country, here the current Zimbabwe, used to belong to a single individual giant-plantation owner, in another time (19th to late 20th century) is not enough to excuse what happened later under the rule of Mr Mugabe, but it certainly does mitigate the potential horror stories, and put the light on a new frontline in the 21st century: The Crypto-Conflict.


(Courtesy of
Mpumelelo Macu)


→ Facing a huge financial crisis with trillions of zimbabwean dollar notes being used to buy bread ! #Hyperinflation
→ Facing political uncertainty, lack of cash and turmoil. …

…Score of zimbabweans rushed onto the Bitcoin and started creating a Bitcoin alternative market or ‘Dark crypto-Market’, where Bitcoin were being sold at a higher price than the prices available on the internet, as revealed in this CNN TV document !


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The result, was a Boom, pushing the real ‘High street’ price up again, to the ‘Dark crypto-market level’ → Basically, two competing crypto markets in one country, here Zimbabwe, have pushed, the overall price of ‘Global’ Bitcoin up ! → it was dubbed as the ‘Great Zimbabwean crypto-binge’.


Taking a ‘drone-view’ of the problem, in most cases, the causes for crypto conflict might change depending on where you are on the globe, but often, it has to start with ‘FIAT-Currency’ or ‘paper money’ mis-management, via either:
–  Unwarranted bailouts
–  Currency manipulation
–  Quantitative easing

  • Usually those mis-managed schemes are put together by the local central bank, supervised by political authority (or the World Bank), and often result in a loss of trust into the local currency by the financial and wider public.
    When it happens, somehow, military boots, hard politics, and mostly ‘Bitcoin prohibition’ get implemented, as in Algeria in 2017.


(Courtesy of benny Jackson)


Bitcoin price goes up and down, on a hour-per-hour-basis. It’s called ‘Bitcoin Extreme Volatility’. Bitcoin volatility can be explained by its scarcity and endogenous or ‘inside-limitations’ from a technological viewpoint: 21 millions of coins are being programmed, for example and the network is definitely finite, and identified –> Bitcoin, has clear computer processing limitations (1 Block is 1 to 8 Megabyte large), too. Check the original Satoshi  PDF, the most important PDF of the 21st century, here, as per the protocol.



But the volatility can also be explained by ‘Exogenous’ factors, ‘Outside ceilings’ or threats created by actors outside of the Bitcoin realm or community reach, and that are often correlated to geopolitics, as outlined by Kerati Apilak, here.


ADMP does not do politics, as you know, since our prime concerns are about ‘Win-Win’ deals and situations for StartUpers, mostly. The ‘rest’ being just ‘noise’ or ‘Distractions’… however if we did it and wrote it, it would look a little bit like this:


(Courtesy of Mathew Rym)



– Yup, Gov…people are still treated like an unruly child, not mature enough to manipulate crypto-currencies! Thus, Bitcoin ‘prohibition’ has been enforced in many countries. –> Running Bitcoin, side-by-side, with the local currency, did not not suit the central mint (or Central Banks) of some countries: And that is missing the many benefits of Blockchain & Bitcoin to solve problems within your population.

Especially, when it comes to money transfer, financial inclusion, crowdfunding, insurance contracts and notary deeds, etc…</> Do not forget that you will be missing out as a country, on the next technological challenge and will take a step backward. –> Your  YOUTH will be missing out on the knowledge of the 21st century!’ . Check the Nigerian mint,  here.


“ A mint, which by the way, just happened to not have been doing its job/homework, by providing another national ‘crypto-alternative’ to their paper-money problem! “


(Courtesy of Aditya Chinchure)


—> Algeria, China, the USA, the E.U. have banned the use of Bitcoin as a crypto currency – even if some like the U.S might tolerate it, as a ‘Digital Asset Class’  and included it onto the ‘Future Market’ of ChicaGO as launched  by Financial giant,  CME Group.

  • All this global agitation, only beg one question: What is the most accepted form of crypto assets, by the Old World Order?

– What exactly, do THEY want?

– Do you KNOW ?



(Credit photo: Courtesy of Sawyer Bengtson


Next week, the Season 1 Episode 2 of the CRYPTO WARS SAGA Carries on with Zimbabwean #BlacjFriday!!

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