Beware Cryptos! —> Looking after your online E+Reputation is paramount, before launching into your initial Coin Offering, or #ICO! You could loose a lot of cash for just a fan clash on your Facebook timeline! At ADMP, we have put together what seemed to us like the 6 Basic STEPS, to consider before starting your #ICO Digital inception on Social Media:


 -1: Your brand should display a ‘decent & professional’ SEO-optimised website with an ‘HTTPS’ connection, and all the necessary security checks, for the countries you are targeting for investment.


-2: The CEO ‘personal branding’ as well as key team members social media professional profiles, should be easily available on #Linkedin, Google+


 –3: The ‘White paper’ which outlines your philosophy and technical know-how: It has to be technically detailed and of the highest quality—> You could use slideshare, the Linkedin file-sharing social network, to drop that content. 


 –4: Social Media Response Unit: Investors need to be able to question your #ICO at any time during the #ICO fundraising Sprint, on FaceBook, on Twitter, on C2C Platforms like Bitcoin forums on #Reddit and elsewhere, etc…: You have to be monitoring Social Media ’noise’ and winning new market shares, online too.


-5: Multi-social media Adverts and customer acquisition tactics, are important, as well as partnerships and ‘proof of partnerships’ with third-party website like #ADMP, or potential providers, like wallet companies, etc… 


-6: Your #ICO Code should also be available on #GitHub, for the developers and coders community.


Like and Comment below, if you want to know more about #ICO Digital inception! More on that, in our next post. In the meantime, let us introduce you to our guest from the US of A, #NLC2 !!



1- ADMPawards : Hello ! Can you introduce yourself and your Team? You are a multi-starter (Meaning you have previously started a few projects) can you remind us about your conference, too?


Hello, I’m Rafael Groswirt. I’m a telecom veteran for over 20 years, I founded Alliance Payphone Inc in 2000 and developed software to monitor and repair over 250,000 payphones nationwide in addition to long distance services.


My love for technology and sports led me to develop and patent one of the first automated poker tables featuring Johnny Chan as one of the partners: US PATENT # US2008/ 0026826A1. In Nov 27 2007 Lightning Gaming™, Inc. acquired Poker Automation, LLC.


In Nov 2014, No Limit Fantasy Sports, LLC was formed and began to introduce a set of new tools and games related to Fantasy Sports. Two years later, during the development of the No Limit Fantasy platform, the ideal pairing was created with the cryptocurrency, No Limit Coin.


My Co-Founder is Oscar Peralta: Oscar is a 20-year technology veteran who has raised over $7M which he invested in gaming platforms and telecommunication companies. He has worked with me for over 10 years and shared a successful exit with investment to Poker Automation LLC. Oscar arranged the capital needed to grow No Limit Fantasy Sports and NLC2 coin project using his Mexico partnership.


Besides that we have a big team of around 18 people that are helping to make No Limit Fantasy Sports the best platform there is. Ranging from people working in development, design, business development, human resources, social media, strategy, advisors, and even two celebrity brand ambassadors (poker legend, Johnny Chan and former star quarterback in American Football, Joe Theismann).



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2- ADMPawards : What is the NolimitCoin’s Concept (#NLC2) ? What was your motivation when starting it ?


Fantasy Sports is our passion, but it is being monopolized by traditional platforms. Low chances of winning and high costs involved are taking a toll on players. We found that cryptocurrency provides benefits that will make fees (up to 50%) lower than any of our competitors.


                   “ #NLC2 can instantly transfer funds

                     without players having to wait days

                   but instead 60 sec. on average” .


The platform makes it possible for global players to compete against each other and not against programmed computers, giving them a better chance of winning. Most importantly, our platform is constantly improved with the help of our active community to achieve the best playing experience.


CEO Raphael GROSSWIRT in Las Vegas



3-ADMPawards : What is No Limit Fantasy Sport ? How does it work ?


To start of it’s important to explain what Fantasy Sports is and how it works. Fantasy Sports is a term that refers to a contests of skill in which users compete against each other by creating teams consisting of actual players from a professional sport.


Users can win these contests by choosing the players that they think will perform well in the real life sport games. These players get rated on their performance in the games that they play for their club. A point system, based on the individual actions of the players, is used to decide the score of that player on the No Limit Fantasy Sports platform.


The actual live sport games are tracked on the platform so users can both follow the sport game on TV or on the No Limit Fantasy Sports Platform to see how their players are scoring. Our mission is to provide a fair, fun and fast Fantasy Sports experience to all players. Our Fantasy Sports platforms have been created to run’.



4-ADMPawards : What are the exclusive cryptocurrencies involved ?


The No Limit Fantasy Sport platform has it’s own cryptocurrency which is used as an entry fee, a so called « buy-in », so users can compete in the various contests. But not only that, the winnings of the various contests are paid out in No Limit Coin 2.0.




5-ADMPawards : What type of contests are you running ? Do we get any benefits from using your CoiN?


Users can enter 1 on 1 contests, so called « head to head » where they try to outperform one other player’s team. Or they can enter bigger contests where the number of users varies between 5 to 800. Depending on the size of the contests and the buy-in, a specific prize pool is set.


Although the online Fantasy Sports industry is growing significantly each year, the chances of winning and the costs involved are taking a toll for players due to little competition in a saturated market. Fantasy Sports platforms make most of their revenues through high entry fees, high rake fees and high withdrawal fees. In addition, they also reduce players chances of winning as they compete against computers that are programmed to perform the betting tasks more efficiently than humans do.



Overall, No Limit Fantasy Sports has realized a gap in the Fantasy Sports market and have capitalized on this through the application of a blockchain technology that is far more reasonable to the players and the Fantasy Sports community. The No Limit Fantasy Sports platform uses its own cryptocurrency, No Limit Coin 2.0 (“NLC2”) to overcome those issues:  


  • The fees are a lot lower than our competitors, saving players up to 75% of their winnings.  
  • Through using #NLC2 players can instantly transfer funds without waiting for days to be credited.   
  • Our verification process is a lot faster by it being linked to your email account. Moreover, users are not barred by nationality because at least one of our platforms will suit the user.
  • Global players compete against each other and not against programmed computers, giving them a better chance of winning




6-ADMPawards : Can you describe your ICO plan in a few words?


Our ICO was orchestrated in order to raise funds to upgrade our platform. It was very successful, raising around a million dollars and selling out in less than 12 hours. The funds have been quickly put to work securing celebrity spokesmen and giving our fantasy platform a world class overhaul.   


7-ADMPawards : What are your targets ? How much do you need to raise? How fast?


We already raised all the funds needed, and have been exceeding all targets. Merely earlier this year NLC2 was trading at 0.00000020 bitcoin ($0.0003), and now is steadily over 0.00003000 bitcoin ($0.20). That amazing increase in value was only from 2 sports launched on the platform, and we are yet to release 5 more that are on the roadmap.



8-ADMPawards : How can ADMP, help you?


ADMP is a well know incubator for startups in Africa and a high rated platform that promote new technologies and innovative systems such as cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.



9-ADMPawards : ‘ Final Words to our readers around the Globe and on Facebook, the so-called, ‘7th continent’??


Me and the whole team would like to thank ADMP for having this interview with us and we want to thank everyone for reading the article. Hopefully we were able to share our passion with you and we hope to see you all again on our No Limit Fantasy Sports platform.




Twitter Profile: www.twitter.com/NoLimitCoin


Facebook Profile: www.facebook.com/NoLimitCoin


Website: www.nolimitcoin.org/



Send mail to: support@nolimitcoin.org




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