#CRYPTOAFRICA: LEADERS of The #Bitcoin school?


What is #Crypto AfricA? A bunch of crypto-lovers from Cameroon? A pool of miners ? Crypto-traders ? → All good questions #CryptoAfrica, will answer in 10 points, below.

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Before, we will give you a quick update on the latest #Bitcoin fork, which has had the Crypto-world dancing upside down between ‘Hard-Fork’ and ‘Soft-Fork’. → Dancing, almost like an AfrotrapCypher-Punk’,  resulting in dividing the #Bitcoin world into basically two camps: #Bitcoin Cash and #Bitcoin Segwit!

Re-mem-ber: Bitcoin’s original white paper, a decade ago, pointed out that the #Bitcoin is a chain of digital signatures. So far, the idea of ‘Banking the unbanked’ whilst in the same time, ‘Unbank the Banks’ worked! We all know, Bitcoin became extremely successful, hit a ceiling, and therefore needed to scale up from its original 21 millions coins limit.

The segwit version of #Bitcoin got rid of the digital signatures and seemed to have been made intentionally slow in confirming transactions.  It has high fees, but has the support of the Computer science end  of the #Bitcoin community.

Bitcoin ca$h?: On the other hand, it decided to go for a user-generated ‘Hard Fork’, instead of a ‘Soft fork’. However, ‘Bitcoin cash’ still follows the original roadmap of Bitcoin, which has low fee and fast confirmation time. → It is rather well-supported by the Business end of the #Bitcoin community.

You caught the drift? Is it the old ‘Left-right’ paradigm at play?: Crypto-Hipsters versus Crypto-Anarcap and Crypto-Liberals?

Maybe, Maybe not…

All this, might sounds awfully ‘Crypto-Pomo’ (Post-Modern)! However, one thing is certain though: The #Bitcoin ‘Family’ is now divided at least, in two camps and some of us, will have to pick and choose which ends we will be part of.




#ADMP picked the #Afrotrap end of course, and we were given a TOP 100 award for Best StartUP BLOG by #Feedspot in California (USA)! : Thank you again, dear readers! → YOU Grow, We Grow, We GROW, YOU GROW! (#Hermann Djoumessi, MA – ADMP Senior Crypto-Consultant & Editor).


1-  ADMPAwards: Hello Team Crypto-Africa! Can you introduce your Team?


Crypto Africa:  Thank you for talking to us. We appreciate the effort you and your team are putting to keep the heat on in the tech sector of Africa.  Our team is made up of cryptocurrency experts, crypto lovers, online marketers, miners, online marketers and top bloggers who are dedicated to provide the best to Africans.        



  • Angu Ransom – Lead generator
  • Bassama Kana Fabrice – Lead Generator


Team Members/Consultants

  • Loic Mbougeko Founder of  Kali Confort an  investment  company in Cameroon.
  • Gilber Kedia – Project manager at IBM computers ,USA
  • Mih Rogers – Human resources professional
  • Legal Adviser – Abanda Elvis

Strategic partnership is a great force in perfecting our services.



Team Cryptoafrica


2- ADMPAwards: Can you tell us more about crypto-Africa? What is so ‘Pan-African’ about your venture?


Briefly, CryptoAfrica is an all in one Cryptocurrency platform. We provide education,news,trends,trading and investment opportunities in the world of bitcoins and altcoins to Africans.

What is so ‘Pan-African’ about our venture? We are always happy when people ask us why cryptoafrica and not cryptoworld.

Africa is the next stop for digital growth. The fintech industry  is one of the industries that can be exploited. The cryptocurrencies usage in Africa, is still dwarfed by users numbers in Europe , Asia and America.

With the high rate of poverty in Africa, Africans are looking for better opportunities to invest in, given the failures of fiat currencies used in various countries of the continent. We have had people turn $100 into $2500, thanks to the volatility of crypto currencies.

Africans are ready to take part in any revolutionary technology that is beneficial to them. This can be seen with the success of mobile money and the increasing use of smart phones.

This makes Africa as an ideal place for people to use it into their daily activities and with the mix of currencies, they should have in their wallets, in case the local currency goes under, as they sometimes do!

The idea that ‘access to knowledge’ and believing in cryptocurrencies  is a concept for the western world has been  one of  the major reasons for the slow growth in the use of digital currencies on the continent. This, has to change!

We are therefore, providing trading opportunities with payment methods available in Africa and user-generated content created by Africans.




3- ADMPAwards: True! Especially knowing that the Fintech revolutions launched by Western Union, #MPeSA, and Mobile Money took off on the now called ‘AfrO’Tech Continent’. It is a mystery as to why #Bitcoin has been relatively so slow on the uptake by the Africans.  How does crypto-Africa works in Africa and Globally? Do you have a plan for Global domination?

Our website is created for Africa. We have had proposals to extend our activities tin Europe especially, in France/UK. Even though this is tempting, we consider this a distraction. We will focus on building this concept in Africa. Globally, we do partner-up with several companies.  


4- ADMPAwards: What is the biggest challenge, you face pushing & promoting Bitcoin in Africa? What stage of development your company is at: Are you fundraising? Prototyping? Going to market? ICO?

The major challenge is the belief in traditional FIAT currencies and non–crypto- currency investment. That is why we considered education, as a very important part of our project in Africa.

Our Business is at the development stage. Given that, we are an all-in-one cryptocurrency platform, we have some features that we are currently improving on our website. Our trade platforms and the blog as of now are 100% OK, …as of now.

We have not launched an official fundraising to expand our project. Our team put up  most of the cash in the business. We welcome those who are interested in supporting us and we hope to organize fundraising programs in the future.

We are currently working on an ICO but that will not be in a close future. We have to help people understand the ‘crypto-paradigm’, the crypto industry in Africa. We will use ICO at some points. But we have to go step-by-step. → This is on our road map and we will make it official at the right time.


E-currencies exchange on Cyrptoafrica



5- ADMPawards: What are the differents type of digital money/payments that you support on your website? How many users do you have?

We accept more that 200 cryptocurrencies on our website. We equally accept skrill, perfect money, Okpay and web money. We intend to add more currencies and payment systems, depending on our client’s needs.

As of now, we have about, 120 registered users, since we made our official launch in August.  We expect this to be 100 times larger, by the same time next year.


6- ADMPawards: ‘You’ll never walk alooonne’…Who are your current partners? How can one partner-up with you?

We partner with several digital companies in and out of  Africa.  Some of our major partners include: Kaliconfort , CEX.IO   and Web Gain.  

We do operate on a win-win basis, nowadays. (#ADMP, ToO!) Anybody who thinks they can give and get something out of a partnership with us, is welcome! As long as you believe that we can grow together. If you are such a person, just shoot us an email and tell us how our partnership will benefit each other. We will not mention our strategic partners for in-house records reasons.


7- ADMPawards: Do you have a plan to enforce best practice? Avoid scamming tactics? In one word: How would you change the mindset around Bitcoin in Africa and elsewhere?

Our major appeal has always been through content and sharing success stories in the industry. Users who trade $5000+ with us are required to be verified. We follow the KYC procedures, of course, and more is being done by our security team, to comply with regulation and cybersecurity.







8- ADMPAwards: Do you have plans for your Digital inception: In one word, what will be your Social Media strategy in the near future?

Our business originated from our exploitation of the digital industry in Cameroon. We have offered  ‘White hat’ SEO services to companies, providing mobile marketing strategies among others to both local and international businesses. In one word: We know what we are doing!


9- ADMPawards: How would you collaborate with #ADMP?

Our team has decided to use your editorial and promotional services. The success we will achieve should lead us to the next stage, which we won’t make public at this moment. As a made-in-Africa startUP, #ADMP will be a place, we will always run to for PR, Social Media shoutouts, since we will be heard by Africans everywhere!  



10 – Final words? The stage is YOURS, Team Crypto-Africa!

Thank you, once more for this opportunity to share our vision with thousands of Africans! Cryptocurrencies have come to improve millions of lives, with blockchain technology.  We do encourage Africans to get involved as the benefits by far, outweigh the risks!  



The digitalization of Africa will be effective, if we understand how to use digital currencies.  The time is now! #StopSleeping!


Thank you, you’re Far Too KinD!




(ITW By #Hermann Djoumessi, MA – ADMP Senior Crypto-Consultant & Editor).

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