Are students the next leaders and managers of the African & global economy? A new breed of Digital campus is emerging: Those who can quickly (From 3 to 6 months) equip digitally serial entrepreneurs in need to ‘crew up’ and move from one project to the next, will be the winners! Some of those campuses are also designed to foster and motivate millennial-student and Androiders willing to embark on the  entrepreneurship journey or to simply work in a founders team of startupers – With 4 key roles that often need to be filled →  A coder, a developer, a Business manager, a CEO, a CFO, etc..) where there is a need for different & diverse set of skills.



Station F in Paris, and further afield in Africa like EgyPreneurs in Egypt (#TeamPharaoes), incubators and combinators (Studies & StartUP) are growing and launching sustainable models for the 21st century Business & academia!  Several universities now either teach or accept payment in #Bitcoin by the way, which is always the first step towards emergence, sustainability and financial ethics.  

Before launching into the AFYMA interview below, let me remind you that #Bitcoin will split in 4 distincts sister and brother currencies:


‘Bitcoin Satoshi, Bitcoin Segwit, Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin Gold.’


It is hard to see the great crypto-fork happening, all at once in 2017! Probably starting the first crypto-war in the process! However, Bitcoin is purely and simply victim of its own success.

We can already safely said that the Bitcoin is one of the greatest technical and technological endeavour of the 21st century in the financial world and beyond. As for Mr Satoshi, the father of Bitcoin, his original pdf, setting out his vision for the #Bitcoin, has to be the most valuable PDF Document of all time!  That is why the ‘original’ 21 millions coins’ Bitcoin, should always be called the ‘Satoshi Bitcoin’ or ‘Bitcoin Satoshi’!




In 2017, so many users were using the most famous peer-to-peer crypto-network of all time.. But…for not enough Bitcoins? and that was globall!  → The system got stretched. The system was coughing: The system was slowing doing and transactions validation was getting too slow, which was increasing the risk of fraud. Bitcoin cash’ for fast and secure financial transaction had to be created, just for the merchant sector!

→ The baby had outgrown its creator and has now to avoid turning into another financial ‘Too big to fail’ monster, whilst being true to its original mantra: Lifting people out of their unbanked state, towards emergence.


And to achieve that aim, you often need well-trained managers, so…the question was always: What will AFYMA offer to students? The ADMP team set out to breakdown in just 9 POINTS and a cup of coffee, the SEJE initiative.

– You may drink your coffee :))-


                                                                           ElectrOpunch by TEAM #ADMP, a pan-african virtual incubator.     



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1- ADMPAwards: hello François Enama! Can you introduce yourself?

Hello to you guys! My name’s ENAMA FRANCOIS PRINCE, i graduated from the Catholic University of Central Africa and the University of Douala. I am 25 years old and I’m the founding president of an association called the “AFRICAN YOUTH MANAGERS ASSOCIATION” (AFYMA).


François ENAMA



2- ADMPAwards: Can you tell us more about AFYMA? And, what does it mean?


AFYMA stands for AFRICAN YOUTH MANAGERS ASSOCIATION, it is an emerging not-for profit organisation, or ‘association’, registered: N° 00000121/RDA/J06/SAAJP/BAPP of February 09, 2017. As the name shows, AFYMA is made of a set of young managers and future managers (students, project leaders, young entrepreneurs…) who gathered around an ideal of participating in the development of Africa in general and Cameroon in particular, through the development of a genuine entrepreneurial culture among young people and through promoting young entrepreneurship.

#Emergence: We want to turn African’s Youth by 2030 into a truly entrepreneurial youth, But also to help these young people to become their own bosses.


3- ADMPAwards: Great initiative to promote the entrepreneurial spirit throughout African universities! This Blockchain Africa conference in South-Africa in 2018, uses the same ethics. Could you please, remind us, what  the SEJE 2017 is? Pray tell us a little bit more about the program?


Thank you! After analysis, we realized that many programs to promote young entrepreneurship in Cameroon do already exist but it is still important to strengthen the device in place, if we want to achieve previously set goals. The important element for the transformation of a society through a device is first, the  awareness about the said device.

So, if we wanted to turn youth into an entrepreneurial youth, we needed to educate them about entrepreneurship, inform them, train them and help them on the path from:  ‘How to get started’, to ‘Here is your funding’, and finally ‘Here’s my MVP, or Minimum Viable Product’ ready for the market!

To that end, we have developed a program not only for awareness and information on the entrepreneurship or Startupship → Training courses for entrepreneurs, but also allowing young people to find funding for their projects through a competition for the best project: hence the SEJE. SEJE means “Semaine de l’Entrepreneuriat Jeune” – in English: Youth Entrepreneurship week which will be the first tool, set up by our organization, whose objectives are as follows:





  1. Promote the development of a true entrepreneurial culture among young people.
  2. Discover the entrepreneur’s profession: demystify the entrepreneur’s profession by presenting success stories of entrepreneurs as well stages of starting a business.
  3. Enable young project leaders and students to learn about the resources needed and available for young entrepreneurship.
  4. Engage in a real reflection on the entrepreneurial culture within Universities to make them genuine managers.


The SEJE is an event that will take place every year, in a random city of the country.  This year, the SEJE will take place from 13 to 17th of November 2017,  at Campus 1 of the University of Duala under the theme “l’entrepreneuriat jeune: catalyseur de valeur économique” in English “young entrepreneurship: A catalyst for economic value”. That particular week, will be planned around:

  • An opening plenary session
  • Thematic and technical conference
  • The training and information workshops
  • A creative coffee space
  • A big debate
  • A contest for the best project
  • A fair and many other activities


4- ADMPAwards: We went deep! Deep into your vision…#ThanksForSharing! – Let’s talk about your outside world’s connections? Virtual or ‘real’… #ADMP presumes, you needed visibility at some point?! – Who are your current partners? It is important to mention that the event will be sponsored by Mr Roland KWEMAIN CEO of GO AHEAD AFRICA, a leader who’s sometimes been a tough critic of poor leadership in Africa and who is now doing something about it! And we salute him, for making the University of Duala, available to us, for the occasion! As partners we have Will & Brothers, ADMPer Kiroo Rebuntu, Voozi. We also have a few partnerships pending in the clouds, that with the grace of the almighty could happen…just in the coming days… with companies such as SABC, and NESTLE




Roland KWEMAIN, PCA Africa Go Ahead



5- ADMPawards: Let’s hope this article, will tip the balance in your corner, then? :))- Why did you choose the theme ‘Young Entrepreneurship: a catalyst for economic value’?

The chosen theme is not the result of chance. There is a purpose. First, Cameroon has adopted a policy of economic emergence by 2035, as explained on this ghanaian Blog post. → We can therefore agree that: ‘He, who speaks of emergence calls upon development, if you call upon development, then you recommend economic growth, which requires economic growth prospects for the future! And…  


…‘Who’s the future ?

if not, the youth. ‘


The socio-economic integration of the youth is necessary and ultimately the empowerment of this very youth, will help curb down unemployment, crime and AfrO’pessimism,  which are all scourges, that tend to slow down economic growth.  In this Afrotech century, with the help of new technologies like Mobile money, we have already achieved more than many generations and have been able to quickly boost more than a nation’s economic growth, as explained on this blog post.

The choice of the theme: ‘Young Entrepreneurship, catalyst for economic value’ makes it possible to launch a call on the need to favor the young entrepreneur because the young Is the spearhead of a nation, according to our president H.E Paul BIYA.


University Of Duala (Cameroon)


6- ADMPawards: Can you give us an idea of the speakers line up, available for your event?  


The choice of speakers available for this event, was done with strategy in mind. It is important to remember that in our today societies, mostly young people have the ability to inspire another young person. Or at least a ‘Millenial’ or an ‘Androi¨der’..

The panels of our conferences will consist mainly of young entrepreneurs and young experts. We have chosen technically qualified young entrepreneurs and young experts. We have chosen technically qualified young people and their resources to educate, inform and train the young people Who will be present. We will have speakers such as Roland Kwemain, William Elong, Dr Claudel Noubissie, Arielle Kitio, Monique Ntumgia, ADMP very own « First-Lady », Mireille Kooh, Aymard Bamal,… we are waiting for answers from young entrepreneurs such as Olivier Madiba, Alain NTEFF, Carine Mongoue,  Christian Ngan, Arthur Zang…



7- You think about the REBUNTU program on entrepreneurship in Africa?

Of course, I do know of Olivier Madiba. He just happened to be the first young entrepreneur with whom I spoke about my project. And I thank him for supporting the competition for the best project we are going to organize. He will join the five first of this contest: The  REBUNTU PROGRAM.

What do I think about the Rebuntu Program, for my part?

I believe, #Rebuntu means booster… Let me explain: If you had the chance to play video games with 25f coins you will understand that Rebuntu is only a strategic choice of brand name. It’s a brilliant word-play…so… (He pauses) Rebuntu, for me, is a BOOSTER: An essential program for the development of our continent. Period. Because it allows not only to detect talents but also to work side-by-side with  them, on all aspects of a successful project. The Rebuntu program is purely and simply, an instrument for developing entrepreneurship in Africa!





8- ADMPawards: How would you collaborate with #ADMP?


ADMP is our social media partner for the moment, but several other lines of collaboration could emerge in the future.





9- ADMPawards: Great news! – Final words to students in Africa and Cameroon?


Dear brothers and sisters, we are the generation of our continent, and it needs us. Let’s believe in ourselves and in our potential. Always be hardworking and remain AfrOptimist!




Many Thanks, you’re far too kind! :))-




Electronic Counter-Punch (ECP) edited by H. Djoumessi, MA. #ADMP Senior Social Media analyst –


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